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Tampa Florida 33625

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12094 Anderson Road #325

Tampa Florida 33625

(813) 284 0696 | (813) 293 7935


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The Carrier

The Carrier Consortium is the carrier search firm that you didn’t know you needed but won’t want to live without.

How do we help our clients?

We properly vet the right carrier

We find just the right carriers that you need based on the specific criteria that you are looking for (i.e. carrier location, fleet size, live/drop trailer capacity, lane experience, target rates, etc.).

We can filter through endless solicitations

We can sort through the carrier solicitation e-mails that you receive daily so that you don’t have to. Forward those e-mails to us directly either automatically or individually. We take the time to vet those carriers that have contacted you to sort out the ones that meet your requirements.

We can save you valuable time

Just have those carriers reach out to us directly so that you don’t have to waste any of your valuable time. Allow us to be an extension of your carrier search arm.

Why choose The Carrier Consortium over a single asset-based carrier?

Peace of Mind

Knowing who is moving your freight is key. A broker’s priority is to find the least expensive carrier to move your freight to maximize their profit. We prioritize finding the most reliable carrier that fits your transportation needs to move your freight. The Carrier Consortium doesn’t haul freight. The carriers YOU select move your freight.

Cost savings

There is a duplication of work when you work with a broker. A broker’s team must complete the same tasks that their chosen carrier’s team does. There is also a duplication of costs. When you work with a 3PL/Broker costs go up since there are many mouths to feed. First, the actual carriers who end up moving your freight must get paid. The broker must get paid. The broker’s operations team must get paid. The broker’s accountants must get paid.  The 3PL owner must get paid. With The Carrier Consortium, only the asset-based carriers you chose to work with get paid.


Knowledge is power. Not knowing what is happening in turn is the scariest proposition. Proactive communication is king with us. While The Carrier Consortium doesn’t move your freight, we do serve as your conduit to each carrier. You have one point of contact with us, and we will always let you know what is happening.

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