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12094 Anderson Road #325

Tampa Florida 33625

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12094 Anderson Road #325

Tampa Florida 33625

(813) 284 0696 | (813) 293 7935


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National Transportation

What we offer our shippers?

We find you the right carrier

We find the right carriers that you need based on the specific criteria that you are looking for (i.e. carrier location, fleet size, live/drop trailer capacity, lane experience, target rates, etc.). If the current carriers in our network do not fit your needs, we perform an extensive regional or nationwide carrier search based on your specific carrier requirements.

Dedicated transportation

Your freight and only your freight is moved with our network of asset-based carriers.

Cost Efficiency

We eliminate the additional costs that go into transportation by connecting you directly with the carrier that meets your specific needs. Growingly exorbitant brokerage costs will be a thing of the past.  You don’t pay us.  You only pay the asset-based carrier(s) that you have chosen to move your freight.

Peace of Mind

Not knowing who is actually moving your freight is a thing of the past. Only the carriers you have chosen/contracted with in our network will ever move your freight. You won’t have less-than reliable carriers that your broker found off DAT or Truckstop (so they can make more money) moving your freight. Only the carriers in our network that you choose to work with will ever move your freight.

We filter through endless solicitations

We sort through the carrier solicitation e-mails that you receive daily so that you don’t have to. Forward those emails to us directly either automatically or individually. We take the time to vet those carriers that have contacted you to find the ones that meet your requirements.

We save you valuable time

Have those carriers that contact you reach out to us directly so that you don’t have to waste any of your valuable time. Allow us to be an extension of your logistics team/carrier search arm.

Don't waste your money

Let me contact you to explain
well how we are going to save money.